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What is ChurchCMS?

As the name implies, ChurchCMS is a Content Management System for a church. More specifically, ChurchCMS is a scalable, easy-to-use, pre-built "website" for a church.

The primary aim of ChurchCMS is to make a website that anyone, anyone can place content in it, weather that be a church secretary, pastor, or volunteer. This is accomplished by making a design that is self-intuitive and concise. Focus has not been set on creating hundreds of cool but rarely or never used features but instead on creating an interface that is easy to use which manages a few commonly used features.

However, this does not mean that ChurchCMS is a push-over. If you need one of those rarely used features, a library of "modules" is available to extend ChurchCMS. From the beginning, ChurchCMS has aimed to be highly customizable via an easy-to-use module installer. In fact, just about every feature — including those installed with the "core" (calendar, prayer requests,...) — is implemented via a module.

If you would like to learn more about ChurchCMS please read about our features, read some testimonials, view some screenshots, or come and download ChurchCMS today.